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1 + 1 Beds, 2.5 Baths

Singing the Praises of Logs –┬áSolid, strong, warm and beautiful.

  • The cost of a handcrafted log home is roughly 25% higher than that of a comparable sized conventional home.
  • Wood has a high thermal mass, which means it holds heat well. Wood is also an excellent insulator. A well-built log home is very comfortable and energy efficient.
  • Maintenance of a log home begins with the design phase. Large overhangs are included to help protect the logs from sun and rain. treatments should be replenished after the first year, and generally every three years after that.
  • One of the best features is that it requires so little upkeep. When you build this type of home, you really take away from the maintenance of a regular home. It’s virtually maintenance-free!
  • The massive timbers are reassuringly solid and sturdy.
  • The acoustics are exceptional, because the texture of the wood, unlike plasterboard walls, absorbs nerve-jangling echoes and reverberations.
  • Less visible qualities: romance, warmth, comfort, even aroma.

Scandinavian Cut Log Home, built with Red and White Pine from Nova Scotia. Twelve to twenty five inch diameter logs.

Chalet Style – open concept. Three decks, jacuzzi, and fire pit. Fabulous screened-in and winterized area for relaxing all year round. Stunning deck with pergola gives this home a peaceful setting. Eight apple trees and one plum and cherry tree, lawn fully groomed and multiple hardwood and softwood trees. This home is stunning and well maintained. Beautiful setting and perfect for any family to call home within 13km to a certified Jack Nicklaus golf course, local schools and facilities.

Our Neighborhood

By hiking along the old post trail, you might find one of the few remaining items from the old stage coach days, where the mile marker 27 is etched into a stone. There are 7 trails to explore, just by doing the easy ones as in the video, you will need to budget around 2 hours and expect the walk at least 6km. We hiked along the following trails: Lake Martha Loop, Post Road, Drumlin Field & Hothouse Hill. There are some back country loop, but we did explore them today. The grounds are open year-around, but expect regular seasonal hours to access the museum itself.

View the GPS track file of the hike: Click Here

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